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Wainscott / Luna

Wainscott / Luna

Wainscott and Luna are in fact one in the same, aka musician/producer Paul Faulkner who has been honing his skills in the studio and producing dance music for many years. And now this British born and bred artist has come to the attention of various DJs and labels all over the world, not least with alias Wainscott.

Wainscott goes back to Paul’s early influences in dance music, producing tunes with a real retro-house influence and a nod towards modern dance. With an ear for catchy melodies, rich chord progressions and the captivating grooves that have been missing from house music in recent years it’s no surprise that the music produced by Wainscott  has been finding its way onto prominent labels. In fact the first ever track “Keys 2 My House” featured on a Ministry of Sound compilation album following a recommendation by Demi. Currently being remixed for Sweep The Floor Records, this track together with the original mix, are set for independent release in Spring 2013.

Paul has also enjoyed releases on labels such as DHS Recordings, Soul Shift Music and PM Music. For PM Music alias Luna produced a remix of the track “Another Night” by Haley; a remix that shows a completely different set of production skills and showcases the artists take on euphoric uplifting trance.

The debut release on Tactal Hots Music falls under alias Wainscott. The track "I Saw You Last Night" revives the Hi NRG sound from the mid 80s but within a contemporary framework. The two unashamedly retro remixes pay tribute to the key 80’s dance influence in Paul’s career.

Look out for more original productions and remixes for Tactal Hots Music and it's sister labels under both aliases, Wainscott and Luna, throughout 2013…

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