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BLiquid & Solid Cover

Biolab - Liquid & Solid [Nov 2013]

First up is Liquid which manages to mix the two genres of Drum n Bass and 90's Dance with ease.  The piano riffs flow seamlessly with the harder drum and bass beats, and sound great on the ear. The quality of the track continues with sampled Angel voices contrasting brilliantly against the dark beats, making it engaging on the ear and yet still calling you to the dance floor.

As soon as the introductory tribal beats kick in on Solid, you can feel you are onto a winner and just want to hear more.  The song builds brilliantly and before you know it Drum and Bass has taken back the reins. With gentle synths, stunning breakdowns and the odd whispy sample, Solid is slightly softer on the ears than Liquid but still has a kick that would lead you out of that seat and onto the floor once more.

Definitely a pair you don't want to miss out on...

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