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Rhum Coca Cover

Eric Franchet - Rhum Coca [July 2013]

Rhum Coca is the latest offering from Tactal Hots Music regular Eric Franchet who has timed the release of this summery record perfectly. He doesn't conform to production conventions but instead makes something that keeps the listener on their toes, one minute sounding rather predictable and chilled the next unpredictable and exciting.

If Franchet's choppy production or creative samples don't keep you on your toes, the variety of tracks across the spectrum of house music will. The majority of the records sound progressive but Mister Funk is a different offering all together; a much more easily listening funky track with a retro feel. Title track Rhum Coca, is again, a slightly more chilled listen compared with other tracks on the album. Alien Planet switches it up again with electro house elements alongside progressive chords.

Each individual record holds its own and brings something different to what is one of the best and most exciting collections of songs I have heard in a long time. Self-Indulgent production is condemned but this record proves that self-indulgent production can really work and makes for great music. Eric Franchet has stuck to what he know best and I commend him for that; his fun production comes through in every track and it's the fun nature of the tracks that's going to keep you not only dancing but smiling to Rhum Coca.

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