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THM028: Eric Franchet - Last Moments [Aug 2012]

The album opens with Red Moon; a pumping, progressive house track with detuned synths, cool melodic stabs and the usual Eric trademark glitch percussion.

Next up is Mac’s Speech, a faster paced progressive house builder complete with glitchy, computer vox. 

Find my love continues with the same energy, adding some big-room power chords and plenty of drive.

Next is the aptly named Progressive, a tough, prog-stormer punctuated with melodic arps and atmospheric pads.

The penultimate track The Lost Soul allows a moment for us to catch our breath with a contemplative piano laden intro leading to a deeper, more minimal groove, which gently ends how it started.

And finally, completing the album is Eric’s 90’s Mix of Red Moon, a bass-heavy remix combining filter-house elements and his characteristic, driving sound. 

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