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Vessela is a classically trained artist currently involved in composing, performing and producing electronic, dance and chill-out music highlighted by vocals and often violin. She is the singer, violinist and keyboard player in all of her solo tracks, and the singer/songwriter in her amazing recent collaborations with some super talented international producers and DJs (Chris Bita, Hybrax, John Steel).

Raised in a family of performing classical musicians, Vessela played the violin since she was five, attending the Sydney Conservatorium of Music (Australia), where she dreamt of expanding her musical horizon to the world of electronica and singing. Initially performing as a singer for upcoming songwriters, Vessela began her first solo projects in music production five years ago when she was chosen as a finalist in a nation wide electronic music producers contest, performing at renowned Sydney nightclub ‘Home’ before the eager crowds. Soon her musical experiences were followed by studies in international law that brought her to Europe, adding even more diversity to her global upbringing.

Through the times, Vessela has been highly inspired by the awesome sounds of Röyksopp, Muse, Björk, Goldfrapp and the Cardigans, and incredible beats of Armin van Buuren, Tiësto and DeadMau5, not to mention by the multitude of less known talents from the SoundCloud community of artists. Her vocals are often described as ethereal, angelic and transparent, complementing a variety of club and chill-out tunes, and that’s precisely how she likes to use them. Currently based in Belgium, Vessela continues to pursue her brightest dream in creating and performing music that intrigues, moves and captivates her audiences.

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