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Mika Selander - The Darkest Night  [May 2013]

‘The Darkest Night’ includes L-S-TEVE and Special Favour putting their respective spin on Selander’s track. You only need to take a look at L-S-TEVE’s soundcloud to work out the Londoner is a guy who likes to experiment with genre; Drum and Bass, Tech House and Electro House to name just a few, however this track remix is unmistakably Dubstep.

Dubstep is often referred to as noise and even fans of the genre must understand why on occasions. This track, though, is an example of how to take ‘wobs’ of Dubstep and make it work as real music. The track builds from the word go with a bassey, almost hectic start, when the track eventually drops it doesn’t disappoint; the track uses the sounds synonymous with Dubstep but puts them alongside what sound like housey chords. The drop is very choppy which is where L-S-TEVE’s tendency to experiment with genre comes in. This year in particularly has seen Electro House and Dubstep begin to crossover, with tracks taking influence from both genres and that is audibly the case here. Mika Selander’s vocals are not introduced until 1.53 and the track actually works well as a standalone instrumental. The vocals we do hear have been selected carefully as to compliment the instrumental; dropping on the words ‘lose my mind’ which is particularly apt for a Dubstep track.

Again Special Favour as producers don’t like to stick to one genre; they like to experiment but unlike the L-S-TEVE remix this track cannot be categorised. The remix combines the distinctive sounds of specific instruments with electronic production. The track starts with chords from a base guitar before the drum kick and Mika Selanders vocal start. Special Favour have made Selander’s vocals the focus of the track and use the production to compliment Selander where as L-S-TEVE uses Selander’s vocals as if they were a sample; they complement his production. The track is almost a crossover track, it could be enjoyed by the masses making it, by defaut, pop music but the production values haven’t been compromised; it’s the smooth production and infectious vocals that make me think this could be enjoyed by many. The two artists have gone completely different ways about producing the remix, neither way being the right nor the wrong way of doing things and neither remix disappointing. L-S-TEVE seems to have kept his production as the main focus. He isn’t too influenced by the original track but instead allows his personality and production style to shine through using the vocal to support his track. Special Favour keep the Selander vocal as their focus and their influence comes through much more subtly, as is their production style. Neither of the Darkest Night remixes, nor the artists’ respective ways of remixing works better or worse than the other, what this promo gives you though is two great remixes that have taken Mika Selander’s track to two very different places.

Samuel Hutt - Head of Music at Smoke Radio & Producer/Presenter at Redshift Radio

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