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floating & point of view cover

Tim Le Funk - Floating & Point of View (GN010) [Aug 2013]

After recently releasing his collaboration with Original Dysfunction and Miroslav Krstic, Dutchman Tim Le funk has been at it again; this time a double release in the form of tracks Floating and Point of View.

There are certain expectations that come with the name Tim Le Funk but Point of View proves the producer can step up and match the connotations his name suggests. When the track begins you imagine yourself approaching a club; the bass is audible but we are made to wait to find out how the track really sounds. The track turns out to be a really funky, the infectious chords sit perfectly above the pulsing bassline to create a sound that is truly contagious.

Floating is a more stripped back take on funky house. Electronic music is now expected to be big and loud but this track proves house music still has a place on the beach and that electronic music is just as easy on the ear during daylight hours as it is by night.

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