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The Sundog Project

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The Sundog Project is the musical alias of Ian Johnson.

Ian draws from a wide range of musical influences; from abstract organic beats, through mainstream electronica to classical, resulting in a sound that is melodic, emotive and cinematic but always danceable with a solid rhythmic pulse. Ian particularly enjoys fusing different genres to find a sound that feels ‘right’. Why can’t a ukulele sound great alongside an army of squealing 303’s?

Ian’s musical explorations began in the mid 90’s. He played guitar in various heavy metal bands before joining dark, goth/groove rockers Threshold in 1996, a band held together not by their love for each other but for the love of defunct noise merchants, The God Machine.

Ian went on to form The Sundog Project whose first demo ‘Save Me From The Numbers’ was released in the summer of 2006. The Sundog Project has since worked with various labels releasing EPs on Vorbic, Enough Records and Xynthetic, as well as gaining recognition from various electronic music blogs, magazines and radio stations around the world.

The Sundog Project was commissioned to remix tracks for Oxford based electro/ambient artist Creepy Candles and continues to work with the US based straight-up techno label Subspec.

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