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Jinx Padlock

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JinxPadlock is a musical project by Richard Perry started completely by accident on a tube train with an iphone.

With the constraints of a hectic career working as a visual effects artist for feature films, any time for music production was at a real shortage, even though, of old, music was a major part of Richard’s life.

Based in and around Manchester in the late 90's he headed up techno act “Ident” and went on to electro-rock, noise assault group “Orange Book”, both acts sailing tantalisingly close to success. With studio residencies in Planet4 and PWL Richard went on to learn how to produce and engineer, always with emphasis on the massive.

A change of location, direction and ultimately career steered him away from the sonic to the visual arts, clocking up an impressive movie portfolio, although something has been missing.

Music began to creep back in when Richard started to see the potential in iOS software, something he had previously dismissed as a toy. Arming himself with an iPad and some serious headphones, Richard turned his 2+ hours a day commute into a creative goldmine.

Influenced by diverse poles of the musical spectrum from prog rock to acid house, via classical and breakbeat, JinxPadlock fits under the umbrella of dance music, yet steers away from its more repetitive strains, preferring to weave individual journeys that might not always lead where the listener would expect. 

It’s an interesting ride, both for listener and producer - much more so than sitting on the Metropolitan line in silence.

This is underground music in a very literal sense, all aboard.

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