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Takovac - Who We Are [June 2013]

Takovac describes himself as an electronica and experimental producer so naturally I expected an experimental electronica sound from 'Who We Are' and I guess that's what I got, distinctively electronica but not being limited or dictated by genre. You can hear elements of a number of genres within the record; each track as experimental and contemporary as Takovac's album artwork. Every song differs from the previous, the only constant is the bassey kick which runs through all tracks and is what I have established as the Takovac trademark. The range of vocal styles used on the different tracks keeps the record exciting. Too often producers stick to a particular filter or effect on their vocals but Takovac experiments with voice, rarely using lyrics to convey a message but instead using vocals to enhance the instrumental.

'Beatrice' is a really interesting listen due to the number of different sounds used in the track, sounds that you aren't used to hearing alongside each other. I picked out what I thought sounded like the normally soothing sound of water but alongside the distortion of other elements within the track and the song sounds altogether rather sinister. 'Everything Vanish' does what it says on the tin as the track is a more stripped back and happier affair which wouldn't be out of place on a Ibiza beach. The song uses a minimalistic vocal but maintains the kick sound that runs throughout the album, which makes it recognisably Takovac. Like 'Everything Vanishes', 'The Little Match Girl' is more on the minimalistic side with all elements, including the drum beat and synths, toned down for a softer listen.  Title track 'Who we are' has its own sound, still recognisably Takovac, but it's quite dark and unnerving; at the other end of the emotional scale is 'Sleepless' which you want to dance to. The said tracks are the perfect example of the range of vocals used on the record 'Who we are' using an eerie, opera style vocal, whilst the voice heard on 'Sleepless' is robotic and well produced.

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