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Jinx Padlock - Second Wave Assault [June 2013]

Jinx Padlock unleashes his second incendiary collection of tunes on the world - Second Wave Attack

The journey begins with Soundwaves, building with spacious pillars of sound design and light break percussions leading into an alien symphony of vocoder synthesis . By the mid section, we get down to business, driving beats, abstract vocals and a tension created with psychedelic edged synth work. Wrapped up at the final pass of vocoder otherworldliness, taking a euphoric march to the finish.

Next up is Pinhead Safari, a blushing love letter to the early to mid nineties rave scene, sealed with a bang. Held together by a beat that won't be ignored, the bass and melodies are all interconnecting acid edged lunacy, morphing, twisting and building until you're completely at mercy. Good job that theres a break mid way to lift you hands in honour of the glory days of old.

I Feel Dark takes us into darker territory, brooding, ghostly atmospheres perforated by glitches and deep percussion set the mood of the intro as it locks into a progressive electronic build. The main section is welcomed with pulsing synths with driving hard beats, occasionally building tension to almost aggressive levels. A break gives time to regroup, as a collection of arpeggiated synth lines weave together over the moody backdrop of distant harmonics, finally giving way to the last assault wave of techno. Dance floor stamina required.

The Mighty Drom is a Jinx Padlocks latest experiment in combining the grandeur of progressive rock with the power and force of progressive house. Letting the two genres fight for their own space before finally assembling in the final section, The Mighty Drom is techno, funky and overblown as hell. All aboard.

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