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The One Cover

Dorian Kelly - The One [June 2013]

A haunting track that feels like it should be accompanied by an edgy short film, but in the same breath this epic track doesn't need to be given pictures, it creates them. You listen to it on a number of levels, enjoying it whilst trying to work out what it actually is and where it's going. The song is comparable to a piece of drama; it builds unpredictably throughout leaving you in anticipation of where the production is going to go. It eventually builds to an anticlimactic end but it's that anti-climax that makes you want to listen again.

The Magnetik remix maintains the melancholy vocals and eerie drone but the track seems to move at a faster pace as if the drama has taken a sudden turn. The Niels Vonk remix takes the haunting vocal and, by using happy piano cords, somehow manages to make them sound uplifting. The original track was undefinable because it's so unique, this remix however is undefinable because it seems to drop in and out of genres; one minute sounding like a happy progressive house track the next using minimal sounds and deep bass, similar to early dubstep. There is so much music out there that seems to follow a given formula, but that can't be said about these tracks. They don't follow a formula at all, at least not a formula I have come across.


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