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Desyfer & Fletch were commissioned to produce the exclusive music for the TV advertising campaign and which takes audiences on a ‘trip’ back to the early 90’s.

A 2011 update of the iconic yellow pages ad ‘Fly Fishing by J.R.Hartley’, former trance DJ, Day.V.Lately, tracks down his 1992 ‘Pulse & Thunder’ record.

Released by Yell’s spoof label, Found Records, and with physical promos doing the rounds in authentically battered record sleeves, the track has sold more than 6,000 downloads to date. In week 1 of the track’s release it hit the top 10 of iTunes dance chart, found its way onto Ministry of Sounds 2011 compilation album ‘Back to the Old Skool’, and had airtime from national radio stations including Nemone on BBC’s Radio 6, XFM’s Eddy Temple-Morris, with the Riva Starr remix on Annie’s Mac’s/Radio 1’s Big Weekend.

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